Snoop Dogg plans to continue his career as sporting Commentator & what is his price?

This year in November 28, there was a boxing match contest between two boxing legends: former undisputed heavyweight world champion Mike Tyson and former four-division world champion Roy Jones Jr.. The fight was declared a draw. Some of the box fans did not like this outcome, but everyone was pleased to see two legends get back in the ring.

The fight was noted on social media for the commentary provided by Snoop Dogg, who some pundits described as having “won” the night through his funny commentary and reactions.

“Here is who won tonight: Snoop Dog, hands down. Someone sign Snoop Dogg to a multi-year contract. He is a natural commentator. He is Barkley on steroids. He is hilarious! 3 years for $15 million? Who will make the call?” – says the rapper on himself. Check out his post below:

He is being transparent that he wants approximately $15 million for a 3-year contract to call upcoming sporting events on Fox Sports, ESPN or even NBA on TNT.

Snoop Dogg’s reactions were hilarious and full of energy to each punch the two boxers made.

At one point Snoop described Tyson and Jones as “like two of my uncles fighting at the barbecue.”

Looking forward to future matches called by the rap legend.

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