Stephen Curry picks two favorites among Drake, Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole

On his recent interview with Complex, Golden State Warrior’s shooter Stephen Curry discussed the rumors that Drake tore his ACL for him ,picking one who’s gotta go among the big three J. Cole ,Drake and Kendrick Lamar he also talked about giving advice to J. Cole for his career in basketball. Check out an excerpt from the interview below :

Can we put to bed any speculation that Drake tore his ACL trying to guard you in Toronto? 
[Laughs] Maybe it might show up in the new album coming out. We’ll see if he drops a lyric or a line or something on what actually happened.

Oh, you know he’s dropping a lyric about you after you went out there. But let me ask you this, Drake, J. Cole, Kendrick Lamar, one gotta go—who are you picking? 
Oh my god. Just one of them got to go? This ain’t the start, bench, cut thing?

I mean, Kendrick for me got to go just because Drake had a connection, and J. Cole’s my North Carolina guy. So it’s personal.

That was quick! You know J. Cole’s trying to get in the league apparently. You going to give him some tips? 
I gave him a few pointers. I seen the workouts though, the potential’s there. The potential is there. You got to stick to one day job, that’s what I learned. Especially if I’m talking me playing golf is like him rapping and playing basketball, I got to stick to one. So stick to your day job.

You can read the full interview here