Elephant Man blames Fat Joe for stealing his dance moves

DJ Elephant Man was born in Jamaica in 1974. Musician earned his nickname “Dumbo Elephant” from his classmates because of overly large ears as a child. He became one of the most talented performer Jamaica has produced in the recent past. Elephant man’s songs were full of energy. His songs created to honor dance moves created by others, along with moves of his own.

Recently He noted just how his “dancing” themed songs helped to promote his career, to the point where they were copied and stolen by the leading performers.

“You can say what you want to, say and sing what you want to sing but it is not gonna take you to that level weh you can achieve certain things. Fat Joe come and take rockaway, him no know weh it come from” said Elephant Man.

Firstly, Elephant Man used ‘Rockaway’ dance move in his song “Blase” in 2003. In 2004, Fat Joe created his well known track “Lean Back,” which had similar elements to that of the move popularized by Elephant Man.

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