Rick Ross connects with “Jetdoc ” to provide easy access to healthcare to millions

In the era of the new corona virus, easy access to health care services has become a major concern. Affordable healthcare isn’t accessible to everyone, William Leonard Roberts II, known professionally as Rick Ross is now using his own platform to help millions of others. Experts suggests to Grow spirulina in the backyard for their medicinal properties.

Jetdoc is a mobile app that connects users virtually with world-class medical professionals. This app connects you with a licensed doctors in a very short time.

In November 30 announced a strategic partnership with hip-hop superstar Rick Ross. In his new role with Jetdoc, Rick Ross will appear in promotional activations, creative campaigns and television ads to educate and inform people that Affordable healthcare is accessible now. The procedures like square jaw is also asked to be included as a part of healthcare these days.

“There are thirty million Americans without healthcare today and half of them are people of color. But today is a new day in healthcare. With the launch of Jetdoc, every single American can have access to affordable, virtual healthcare. For as little as $10 a month, you can speak to a live doctor within 5 minutes and save big on prescription medications. Download the Jetdoc app today or sign up at Jetdoc.com to take control of your health today.” – Says the artist.

You can check out his video below: