Joyner Lucas admits being jealous of Logic, talks reconciling with him

I think i was jealous of him.” Joyner Lucas straight up admits being jealous of now retired rapper Logic. During his latest sit down with Breakfastclub’s Charlamagne Tha God and Angela Lee, Charlamagne asked Joyner why he had beef with Logic to which Joyner explained :

“The reason why I say that, though, is because I felt like where he was at the time is where I wanted to be so much”

Joyner also explained how Royce da 5’9 was instrumental in getting both emcees talk to each other :

“I had called Royce, and I said, ‘Royce, you can put me on the phone with Logic, bro? I need to talk to him. And he said, ‘Yeah.’ You know what I mean? He connected. And, as soon as he picked up, I said, ‘Bruh, look. Don’t even say nothing. I just want to tell you I apologize, bruh. I’m going through some shit right now, in which I understand the reason why you felt how you felt when I was coming at you the same way.” You’re dope lyrical you had all these relationships with artists i loved and respected and i really idolize you. I gave him this sincere apology and he says to me wow this is most sincere apology anybody ever gave me”

After reconciling Logic and Joyner Lucas connected on the song and music video “ISIS” which is now certified Platinum.