Juice Wrld remixed XXXTentacion’s song before passing away

During his latestdating sites for muslim singles producer DJ Scheme revealed a much welcoming news for the fans of XXXtentacion and Juice Wrld. As he addressed his cryptic tweet regarding collaboration between both artists


Scheme says that Juice Wrld has actually remixed XXXtentacion’s song “Whoa” as he remembers producer John Cunningham who produced XXXtentacion’s posthumous album “SKINS’ once hit him up “yo listen to this’. It was a remix of “Whoa” on Skins and it sounded– it was awesome. A really beautiful song. I forgot about it because he played me a million songs a day and it’s like wow, super dope.’ says DJ Scheme.

On the question of when it’s going to be released DJ Scheme indicates fans have to wait for a while as both artists sides have loved this remix but Juice’s latest album “Legends Never Die‘ is doing well on charts so Juice’s family is willing to hold up on the track. Both artists never collaborated before but in a 2018 interview Juice revealed he got advice from XXXtentacion and regarded him among the artists who have changed music for new generation.

Check out XXXtentacion’s song “Whoa (mind in awe) below