New Song : cupcakKe – “How To Rob (Remix)”

Chicago rapper Cupcakke has unleashed her new song “How To Rob” Remix which is an ode to 50 Cent’s song with same title. Just like Fif, Cupcakke has targeted her contemporary HipHop artists on this song.

On the intro she made it clear it’s not supposed to be personal but some of the jabs in this track are lethal. Check out below how many major rappers were named dropped in this 1 minute 47 seconds song and what she said about each of them

Migos/Offset – “I’ma run up on the Migos, shoot ’em like a free throw, nigga, I’m so unbothered
Drop Offset body in a jungle since he wanna be a cheater, forgive me, lil’ father”

Tory Lanez – “Is that Tory Lanez or is that Too $hort? (Short ass)”

Lizzo – “Catch Lizzo, drag her out the food court (Hahaha)”

Lil Baby – “And you know it ain’t shit to catch Lil Baby, all I gotta do is have one, two hoes on deck”

Cardi B – “Runnin’ through your party just so I can find Cardi, like, “Bitch, I’m finna give you your old teeth back!”

Doja Cat – “Fuck around and spеll Doja Cat, ’cause Doja Cat, that just mean she pussy (Gang, gang)”

Megan Thee Stallion – “Run up on Megan like, “Give me your funds” and you can’t even run ’cause you just got shot (Goddamn)”

Listen to the full song below: