Pharrell Williams reveals Pusha-T appreciates Drake’s lyrics

Past decade’s most brutal rap beef was undoubtedly between Drake and Pusha T, as it hit its peak in 2018. Recently producer/rapper Pharrell Williams sat down with Drink Champs where he reveals the other side of the story of both rappers beef.

Pharrell who’s both Drake and Pusha’s friend says “Pusha is a Taurus. And Taurus people,when you feel like a line is crossed and you take off the gloves, that’s where your brain is at, you know what I’m sayin’? Whereas, Drake is a Scorpio, and they never forget .It’s just the worst combination of two people who are very pure and very loyal to the people they love.” He also says “It still breaks my heart to this day, because I would’ve loved to have heard those guys on a song together or heard a joint project together. I would’ve loved to see that”

Pharrell reveals what may surprise many fans “By the way, Pusha says Drake’s got bars. When Drake makes something that’s amazing, we talk about it all the time.”. Check out the full interview below

Pusha T has multiple times alleged Drake used ghostwriter. Most notably he rapped “It was written like Nas but Quentin wrote it” alleging that Quentin Miller wrote Drake’s hits. Drake fired back to GOOD MUSIC president in his “Duppy Freestyle” and suggested he ghostwrote for Pusha T’s boss aka Kanye West multiple times.

Meanwhile Pusha-T might be fan of Drake’s bars, but on his interview with Rapradar in 2019 Drake made it clear he don’t like Pusha-T’s music saying “Some people like his (Pusha-T) music, I personally don’t ’cause I don’t believe any of it. And I like to listen to guys I believe.