Lil Durk shows love to King Von in new surprise single “Backdoor”

After one month long hiatus, Lil Durk is back with the new single and music video for “Backdoor.”

Lil Durk has been mourning the untimely death of his very close and longtime friend King Von, who passed away after gun shooting in Atlanta. Durkio is doing everything to keep his friend’s name and legacy alive forever by memorializing him in his music.

In the song, The Chicago rapper raps:

You weren’t on that block when that s**t was goin’ on,
I was not worryin’ ’bout the other side when that s**t was goin’ on,
And we don’t hang with different n***as, don’t ask us what we on,
The only time we’ll beat the case, you pull out camera phones,
I used to draw out my name on the styrofoam,
I had to teach the grown n***as, right from wrong,
Why the state had told the jury, “They tryna indict us all”
The lawyers got them out for a day, they better sign them off

You can bump the new track below: