Childish Gambino still lived in a college dorm while writing for the “30 Rock”

An Emmy and Golden Globe-winning actor, director, The voice of a beloved hero in a Disney classic, the face of an iconic Star Wars character – we are talking about Grammy-winning rapper Childish Gambino (Donald Glover).

Glover still lived at his college dorm, when he started his career writing for the award-winning TV show 30 Rock. Then He created Atlanta, he was Lando Calrissian and Simba, he became Childish Gambino.

Glover and his friends formed comedy troupe named Derrick Comedy, while attending New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts. The group, known for its sharp humor, which brought Glover to the attention of Tina Fey and David Miner, 30 Rock producer.

In 2006, He joined the 30 Rock writing room, after reading some of his writing samples, including spec scripts for The Simpsons.

“I decided I wanted to write for television because of Tina, She was always so happy, and I was like, I want to be happy like that too.” Said Gambino.

“I do not tell a lot of other comedians the story of how I ended up there because I guess a lot of people say it is like a fairy tale, But I just think I was lucky enough to figure out early on that I wanted to do comedy, so that is what I put all my effort into.”

You can watch one of the Donalds’ comedy speech here: