“I don’t regret anything and I wouldn’t change anything” – Jim Jones on past JAY-Z beef

Both Fat Joe and Jim Jones having beefed with JAY-Z in the early 2000s. However, that is all in the past.
Jones signed a management deal with Roc Nation three years ago.

“Even though we have had our little attitudes or whatever, back and forths with JAY-Z, we have always respected him and what he brought to the game as a businessman, as a human being,” Joe said on this new episode of “The Fat Joe Show.”

Jones spoke to the inspiration the Brooklyn rapper imparted on him, “I can not lie, JAY’s always been one of my favorite rappers even from before we had a deal, even from before Cam and Mase went down trying to get signed to JAY and them”.

“To see somebody like us really putting on, really getting to a serious bag. He went from getting a bag to doing good business and what he was making is something that can’t be duplicated,” Jones explained. “It is a trip to see a Black person out of rap become a billionaire.”

JAY-Z hit billionaire status in January 2019 and became the first hip hop artist to reach that status. Jones added, “It gives me inspiration where it is no time to stop now ‘cause it can happen for a few of us. I definitely tip my hat to him above all. I do not regret anything and I would not change anything. It was better, this was especially for me to come around full circle and to be able to do business with JAY and Roc Nation,” he added.