Stans of 16 Fandoms Unite to Stream MTBMB Side B

Eminem dropped the deluxe version of his 11th studio album “Music To Be Murdered by” last Friday (Dec 18). According to the reports by HDD the album is expected to return to number 3 on Billboard 200, it is projected to sell 70,000-80,000 behind Taylor Swift’s “Evermore” and Paul McCartney’s “McCartney III”.

As Original album already debuted at number 1 earlier this year so Eminem’s streak to debut at number one will stay intact.

In efforts to make this album number one on Billboard 200 again fans of 16 different fandoms (Drake,Selena,Rihanna,Kpop and more) are uniting to stream and buy the album.

The streaming party starts on Thursday, December 24th, 5PM EST. We request fans all around the globe to participate in this movement and support Eminem.

Stream the album below: