Snoop Dogg producer pardoned by trump 17 years after selling $350 worth of weed

The outgoing president Donald Trump is putting his pardoning powers to good use. On December 22, Weldon Angelos former Hip Hop producer and Snoop Dogg collaborator was one of 15 people who received a full pardon from Trump, four years after Barack Obama brought his 55-year sentence to an end.

Angelos was convicted of selling $350 worth of weed to an undercover police officer with a concealed firearm and handed 55 years without parole in 2004, one year after the deal went down.

Last week, he expressed his relief in an Instagram post caption, “Feels great to have been fully pardoned by the President of the United States. Now it is time for more pardons and commutations. #freetc.”

After Angelos was taken into custody, he was offered a 15-year plea deal — but did not take it. Subsequently, he was convicted of 13 different charges involving firearms , drugs, and money laundering.