why does Post Malone hate chestnuts?

American hip hop artist Post Malone recently stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live! to spread a little holiday cheer.

Many of Christmas songs, and the traditions they follow, have more to do with the art that inspired them than family traditions. Host Jimmy Kimmel asked the singer about his favorite Christmas song of all time. In response, Post Malone mentioned a lovely classic.

“That is rough, What is the one where they talk about chestnuts?” – he told Kimmel.

“Roasting on an open fire,” a lyric from the classic “The Christmas Song.” – replied Kimmel. The song debuted in 1946. Nat King Cole first sang it. Famed jazz musician and singer Mel Tormé penned the song. and it has become a Christmas standard. But just because Post Malone likes the song does not mean he is trying to live its lyrics.

Malone dropped a Christmas bombshell, During the interview with Kimmel. Despite his love for the song, he is not one to roast chestnuts on an open fire.

When Jimmy Kimmel asked if he’s ever eaten a chestnut, the Malone stated he had but was mostly disappointed.

“I have had a chestnut, and to be honest, I think they taste terrible … I think it was out of a bag, I think it would be different over an open fire.” – Post Malone said.

The rapper then joked that maybe he would write a modern-day version replacing chestnuts with Kit Kat bars, a chocolate candy to which Kimmel compared the legendary Christmas nut. Malone seemed entertained.

watch the full interview with Jimmy Kimmel below: