Cardi B tweets about $30 Million Lawsuit Settlement

Cardi B received a late Christmas present over the weekend,  she settled her two-year legal battle with former manager Klenord “Shaft” Raphael, reaching a settlement and avoiding a $30 million payout

The lawsuit was filed back in April 2018 by, Belcalis Marlenis’s former manager. Shaft was asking $10 million . The entire case has been effectively dismissed ,as Cardi enjoys the win.

“Feels good to be free,” Cardi B Twitted



Shaft discovered Cardi B in 2015, and has played an essential role in creating her music career and public image, stated by his representatives . On the other hand Cardi B claims that Klenord was an overbearing manager who asked astonishing  cuts of her money (50% of her Sony publishing deal on top of other fees) and tried to control her personal life. .