Playboi carti posted pictures with his son after Iggy controversy

Ex couple had lot of controversy last week, but it seems like they are going to reconcile.

Iggy Azalea and Playboi Carti surely provided all the drama someone needed to be entertained on social media. With news after news, Iggy repeatedly called out her EX and his alleged mistress chick Brandi. She claims that Carti chose not to attend the birth of their son Onyx, and he refuses to sign his birth certificate. Rapper also says that Carti cheated on her for during her pregnancy.

Though the intrigue continues to grow , “Whole lotta red”  Rapper is trying  to paint different picture, showing himself as a caring father and sharing photos and videos with his baby boy on Twitter.

Piano lessons for Onyx

Maybe he is a preset father, but picture and video started  a wave of memes. check out some here