Tupac was supposed to make a ring walk song for Mike Tyson’s fight

Mike Tyson has uncountable stories about his relationship with 2Pac. They would occasionally do favors for each other, as well. Shakur was supposed to make a ring entrance song for Tyson for his Bruce Seldon match and Tyson once helped Shakur get into a club when he was relatively unknown.

“He was doing my song, So I am saying, ‘Pac, it is close to the fight man, I think I need the song. The songs are always late sometimes. ‘Cause he was cramming them, and so he always got them in like one hook anyway. Just one take he always got them, yeah. And he always brought them on time, he was always late.” Tyson told.

Tyson admired Shakur and believes the iconic rapper would have been a great entrepreneur today.

“He was the best though, I really miss that guy, imagine now, he would be such a entrepreneur now. You know, it would see that he would be. He would be such a independent entrepreneur now. He had the right people, he’d have been an awesome entrepreneur.” – said boxing legend.

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