Young Thug on first encounter with Lil Wayne : “He left me hanging”

During his latest sit down with Gillie Da King YSL head honcho Young Thug recalled the day he was sidelined by his idol Lil Wayne, additionally it’ was first time Thug encountered Weezy too. Thug feels Wayne disrespected him

Man that nigga, the first day, that nigga didn’t dap me up. He tried my pimpin. I’m like my feet hurt, I’m a real stepper. Man, that nigga left my pimpin hanging. He probably had them Chrome Hearts on.”

Young thug then explains how perceived disrespect from Lil Wayne continued “Then it just kept going on and on and on. One time, I dapped him up, this how he dapped me” ( imitates dapping) ,”I’m like, ‘Listen bruh, I dap your hand again, I’m never touching your hand again.’ Just off of that. Nigga, you tripping, I’m a player and I don’t give no f*cks. Nigga, I ain’t no, ain’t nothing ’bout me no groupie, no nothing. I’m just a real nigga. You inspired me.”


Young Thug and Lil Wayne have put their issues aside now as just recently both artists tapped on song “Out West” off No Ceilings 3 A Side by Wayne .