Dr. Dre warns ex-wife to slow down pending end of spousal support

The divorceΒ  between the legendary producer, a successful solo rapper, co-owner of Death Row Records and founder and CEO of Aftermath Entertainment and Beats Electronics known as Dr. Dre and his wife of 24 years Nicole Young continue to occupy the internet. The singer said his ex-wife should learn to cut spending. He added that he will no longer pay her bills. You can get https://hiphopfreaks.com/quick-hookup-apps/ help to get divorce. You can also read more about divorce here.

Nicole is asking for $2 million monthly. Dr. Dre is currently paying the bill for all of Nicole’s expenses, which adds up to about $293,306 monthly for his ex-wife.

As you already know, Nicole Young recently blamed her ex-husband of hiding from her the existence of some of her children he had out of marriage. She requested that hip hop vet provide the court with all the documents justifying any proof of paternity over the past 24 years.

The pair share two children together, 23-year-old Truice and 19-year-old Truly.