Future & Eliza Reign’s daughter meets Cindy Parker’s son

Just months after an American rapper, singer, songwriter, and record producer Future ended his relationship with Lori Harvey, there is a new lady in his life and the rapper can not seem to get enough of her. Model and rapper Dess Dior has been spotted with the rapper. They seem to be enjoying their developing romance.

Yet, while they step out in matching outfits to solidify their couple status, the alleged mothers of Future’s two youngest children reunited for the holidays.

A DNA test reportedly proved that Future is the father of Eliza’s daughter, another woman, Cindy Parker, also claims that he fathered her child, as well. However, a paternity test has not yet been taken for Cindy’s son.

Eliza and Cindy recently came together for the sake of their kids. They shared a snippet of their children being introduced to each other for the first time. The kids are about the same age.

Watch adorable clip of the kids hugging one another: