J Stone confirms that a new Nipsey Hussle album is coming

Regrettably, Nipsey Hussle’s Grammy-nominated debut album “Victory lap” was the last project he created while he was alive.

Despite the rapper’s unfortunate passing earlier this year, Nipsey Hussle’s fans were still getting his music. Now his close friend and associate, J Stone, guaranteed his fans that the follow-up to Victory Lap is in the making.

Stone had two Nipsey features on his latest project The Definition of Pain.  In a new interview on The Bootleg Kev Podcast, Stone explained that there were a lot of loose verses spread out in a different studio by Nipsey, “It’s so much music this n—a done did, bro. Like you wouldn’t even imagine, bro,” J Stone said, “There’s s-t I haven’t even heard when I thought I heard everything. He added.  Now, the frequent collaborator and friend of the late rapper confirmed that Verses can be assembled and a whole album by the deceased artist is underway.