Lil pump banned from Airways for refusing to wear a mask

Lil Pump banned from flying JetBlue airways after refusing to wear a mask. Airline’s stating that he will not be able to flay with them anymore.  Rapper also posted  anti-mask, COVID-denying video  online Sunday.

-“All 2020, 2021, I’m not wearing no mask,” he said assuredly in a video posted on Twitter by DatPiff on Sunday. “I don’t gotta wear no f—ing mask, bitch. Corona’s fake! Bye!”

According to  TMZ  customer flying Saturday from Fort Lauderdale to Los Angeles “became verbally abusive with crew members, and also took off his face covering mid-flight,” -tabloid reported. .  At some point, someone on the plane asked Pump to wear the mask, Pump refused and later began sneezing and coughing into a blanket, which TMZ notes could have been deliberate.

The 20-year-old rapper eventually complied with the airline, but the damage had apparently already been done. There also was police on standby but it appears he wasn’t arrested.