Kid Capri calls out Lil Pump over Eminem diss

Few days ago Lil Pump made a video where he was being disrespectful towards Hiphop legend  “Eminem”. The video was uploaded on Lil Pump’s instagram story.

Users on social media started trolling Lil Pump and lot of legends in Hiphop commented on this video including many from Shady’s Camp.

Legendary producer Kid Capri also shared his thoughts on Instagram and defended Eminem. He has a clear message for Lil Pump.

“@lilpump relax playboy, I usually don’t say anything about this type of stuff, and I don’t know what your problem with @eminem is, really don’t care. because it has nothing to do with me, but when you call that “OLD” s— out your mouth, that’s when I step in, we are gonna change this narrative right NOW, get it straight, just like some of my older friends in hip hop, I’m older, and we are gorilla’s with this s—, plus I personally did a lot in this business and still do, i’m sure you know that, and if you don’t, do your homework. and so did a lot of other older states men in hip hop, SOME of you young dudes talk that old s— like that’s a bad thing, it’s really a compliment, because trust me, you would not be able to stand the pressure of a real legend on your a– on ANY stage, no matter how big your record is, facts!!! We always respected the people that came before us, I know I did and still do, because they didn’t get what the ones that came after did, Listen, at the rate SOME of you are going, you better hope to live to become my age or Eminem’s age, I myself respect the younger generation and bang all the younger music and I produce it, and help some of the younger rappers behind closed doors and open ones as well, because I still understand the youth, if the music is dope, it doesn’t matter when it was made, or how old you gotta be to play it. I’ve played YOUR music on my radio show on @siriusxmfly many times, here’s some older advice, why don’t you just make your records, stay away from trump, respect people that paved the way for you, and respect older people period, instead of saying things and doing things that make you look like you cloutting? Would you disrespect your parents and call them old?? You wouldn’t, o yeah, Eminem is a monster, listen, Your a rich young man, it’s time to grow up, one day you will be older, does that mean you won’t be capable of doing your job? This is really not about only you, it’s about people that think like you, wise up! Hope what I just said makes you think and not react in a childish way, because I’m not gonna go back and forth, enjoy your life”, wrote Kid Capri.