KXNG Crooked Crowns Eminem’s “I Will” Best Bars Of The Year

According to KXNG Crooked Eminem has verse of the year contender, he says “I Will” from “Music To Be Murdered By” has the best bar of this year.

Every year at the end of the year hiphop world starts to look back and discusses about best song and album of the year. Bars are one of the most important pillars of hiphop. During a interview with hotnewhiphop.com Crooked praises his rapper friend and admired his bars on the song “I Will” on which Crooked makes a feature himself.

“Em, ‘I Will’ on Music To Be Murdered By. That right there, I feel that’s the bar of the year, I feel like the Abraham Lincoln bar, ‘Ay bruh, I go ham for dead presidents. John Wilkes, that’s who I’m in the booth like.’ The whole scheme, I just feel like nobody really tied all of that together as well. There’s been some lines about that, but I feel like that was the best that has been tied togethe”, said KXNG Crooked.