Eminem thinks it’s hard to choose “Anyone Really to Be the Best Rapper of All Time” anymore

Following the release of Music To Be Murdered By Side B (Deluxe), Eminem sat down with Zane Lowe on Apple Music to discuss about hip-hop and looks back to his career.

Eminem thinks hip-hop has gone through too many transitions for there to ever be a true GOAT.

Hip-hop’s went through too many different transitions for anyone really to be the best rapper of all time,” Eminem told Lowe at the 20th minute of an hour long interview.

The Detroit legend continues, “It’s evolved. Now people are doing things with flows that I never could have seen happening. But at the same time, rappers from that era meant so much more to that era, just because there were so many innovators and there were so many rappers.”

He also talks about the popularity of genre, “I know that I saw and heard a lot of people say that it wasn’t going to be anything. You know what I’m saying? Like it wasn’t going to last or whatever. Here we are what, 40, 50 years later? It’s crazy. And it’s the biggest music. If I’m not mistaken, it’s the biggest genre.”