Eminem Shouts Out Lil Wayne, J. Cole, Kendrick & Joyner In A New Interview

Eminem makes appearance on “The Zane Lowe Show”. The title of the interview is “At Home With Eminem”. This interview is uploaded exclusively on Apple Music and YouTube.

Eminem talks about greatest rappers list. The Godzilla rapper says,” I rap to be the best rapper but I am not the only rapper who raps to be the best rapper, Wayne, Cole, Kendrick you know what I am saying like Joyner Lucas they rap to be the best rapper”.

The Legendary rapper talks about his cassette tape collection, how he used to go to the store with his friend and buy tapes when he had no money.

Eminem says he has pretty much every tape you can think of. Eminem shows love for his idol Treach from Naughty By Nature and reveals he was the first famous rapper he met after meeting Dr. Dre.