Lil Durk declares himself Top 3 in hip hop

An American rapper, singer, and songwriter had a successful year, he released two projects, several features, put 4th a banner 2020 and developed his experience and artistry to another level by his 1st Grammy nomination. Durk’s album debuted at 47th on the Billboard 200, and this just with one day (23,000 album-equivalent units) of sales. Looks like a higher position of sales coming up. The Voice is expected to command about 55K album-equivalent units in its first full week, which would beat out 6ix9ine’s “Tattletales”.

“I need 200k a show now smurk top 3 out here,” – Durk is proclaiming his top-three status on social media.

Back in the days, 6ix9ine dissed Durk’s sales and commented on the post:“Nuski and Von died for this???? @lil durk.”

I remind you that, 6ix9ine’s comeback album “Tattletales” disappointed N4 debut on the Billboard 200 and in sales with 54K album-equivalent units in its first full week.

On December 29, Durk made an Instagram story with this caption:”Trenches behind me, that’s all I need. I did 23k in 1 day not the first week cap.”