Tyga spotted with ex Amanda Trivizas In Miami

Tyga and Amanda dated in 2019, two years after Tyga split from Kylie Jenner. In May, she was pictured with soccer player Jonathan Dos Santos. Jonathan posted a photo of them in bed together on Instagram.

Amanda is a 21-year-old Instagram influencer and model. She was born in Miami. She regularly travels the world, to places such as the Mexico, Caribbean, and Vegas.

it’s unclear when exactly Tyga and Amanda called things off. Fans of the musician are beginning to think they are back together.

Tyga and the Kylie Jenner clone were spotted a yacht in Miami on Tuesday. They were spotted enjoying some fun. The pair was smiling and laughing with each other.

Tyga also spent some time in Miami with his friend Chris Brown on Tuesday, December 29th.

It has not been confirmed whether they are back together or not.