Eminem explains why he dissed Snoop Dogg on Zeus

Eminem made an appearance on Shade 45 to talk about his new release “Music To Be Murdered By” Side B (Deluxe).

One of the notable moments of the newly released  Side B album is where the Detroit Emcee disses west coast rapper Snoop Dogg on the track named “Zeus”.

When asked about whey he dissed Snoop on the record, Eminem said “Well couple of months ago, he was doing the interview with the breakfast club somehow my name got brought up and he was saying the things about you know I am not in his top 10 and everything he said by the way, was fine like up to a point you know like I never said like him saying I am not in his top 10 because there are some rappers in 90s that I can’t f**k with and aye him saying that Dre made a best version of me, Absolutely like why would I have a problem with that ? Would I be here without Dre ? F**k no, I wouldn’t. The rappers he mentioned from the 90s KRS-One, Big Daddy Kane, G Rap like I never said I could f**k with them, I never said that.

He continued, “Everything was good until like it was more like you know the tone he was using that caught me off-guard, where is this coming from ? I just saw you like what the f**k, you know what I am saying ? It threw me for a loop again I probably could have got passed the tone  and everything but the last statement he said as far as music i can live without? I can live without that sh*t, now you just being disrespectful, you just caught me off-guard I wasn’t ready for that”.

Listen to the clip below: