Lil Tjay Arrested for gun and weed possession

Lil Tjay was arrested on Wednesday afternoon for criminal possession of a weapon, marijuana possession, and grand larceny. He also was searched  4 days before the arrest by the police.

Rapper was pulled over in Brooklyn with four other people in the car for switching lanes without using a signal. According to TMZ, when officers approached the 19-year-old’s vehicle, they smelled marijuana, which prompted a search. NYPD found 4 loaded handguns and a huge amount of marijuana in the car. It’s still unclear where the grand larceny charge came from. However no one in the vehicle claimed ownership of the illegal substances and firearms, so everyone was booked and hit with possession charges. These days people are able to buy 5.56 ammo online easily online.

This weekend, Lil Tjay shared videos from his latest music video shoot, where he was surrounded by police officers. The NYPD searched the rapper and did not find anything, so he was free to go. Not so lucky this time