List of most streamed artists in Spotify history

The numbers for the most streamed artist in the history of Spotify has been updated. The biggest streaming platform in the world is led by a rapper and it’s one and only, Drizzy Drake. Post Malone also made into the top list. You can check out the Top 5 below:

Most Streamed Artists in Spotify History

5. Post Malone – 24.2 Billion streams.

4. J Balvin – 25 Billion streams.

3. Justin Bieber – 26.1 Billion streams.

2. Ed Sheeran – 29.1 Billion streams.

1. Drake – 49.7 Billion streams.

There is a saying: “There is Drake and then there is everybody else” and when it comes to sales, streams and charts, you can’t really argue about that.