Feds study Deadly Florida shooting involving NBA Youngboy

In May of 2019, NBa Youngboy and his group were leaving the Trump International Beach Resort when a black Cadillac Escalade drove up and did a drive by.

Rapper didn’t get hit, but his girlfriend Kaylyn Long needed hospitalization. A five year old boy was also grazed by a bullet during the shootout. He was treated and released at the scene. Mohamad Jradi, 43, was  killed by a stray bullet that traveled into his car while he was driving in the area.

Investigation is still ongoing, a source said, state and federal law enforcement from Louisiana connected and shared information with law enforcement in Florida to review details of the case. Louisiana’s law enforcement  were also taken to the scene and allowed the chance to interview several individuals with knowledge of the shooting, the source stated. Arrests have not been made.

Gaulden was in Florida to perform at the Rolling Loud Music Festival Sunday night.  Event was tied up with several other crimes involving  performers, including  Kodak Blacks arrested on a weapons charge, and AAB Hellabandz’s murder outside the Cameo nightclub on Miami Beach.

Recently NBA Youngboy did win in unrelated case, rapper was arrested during  music video shoot and the cops took $47,000 from him. They have been holding onto it since then, however not too long ago judge ruled that to be illegal.