Giggs defends Drake against “Culture Vulture” criticism

UK rapper Giggs sat down with HiphopDX for an exclusive Interview where he responded to many  people’s comments that Toronto star Drake is a “Culture Vulture”

Giggs who was featured on not one but two joints (KMT and No Long Talk) in Drake’s 2017 playlist “More Life” reminisces hanging out with Drizzy and his crew and seeing them enjoying different kind of music

Yeah, no, they love music, man. Proper. The same way man loves music, they love music. They’ll listen to all types of music. Sometimes, I will see them chilling in the room, and they’re watching freestyle battles. You get me?” Or after a show, I’ll walk in a room, and Drake’s running an old-school Stone Love cassette. I’ll be like, ‘What do you know about them bad man tunes?’ He’ll say, ‘Hit me.’ I’m telling you, bruv. Drake will play old, ’90s Stone Love then he’ll be running Loski or something from over here and a couple of them young drill men

Drake has experimented with a lot of diverse music throughout his career whether it had be Afrobeats ,latin,Dancehall ,Drill,most recently he rapped in Arabic on Headie One’s “Only You Freestyle”. Due to this Drake has to face criticism too. On the topic of Drake’s taste in music Giggs continued “because he’s Drake, he can’t go mad to the tune that he goes mad to in his car? He’s got to jump around. What’s he supposed to do, blood? They’re men that really love music, bruv. I can talk about music for hours with him.

Later when asked if Drake’s responsible to bring attention to UK Hip Hop scene Giggs replied “I’m not saying he’s the only reason there’s attention but he played a part in it. Everyone looking in this direction because of who he is. Drake doing that has been one of the biggest looks for England. Let’s be honest, bruv, that’s one of the biggest rappers in the world. Let’s cut the crap