Toosii’s new song snippet

On last Sunday, Toosii’s concert ended in gunfire in Jacksonville, Florida. Multiple shots were then fired, forcing the crowd to disperse. Footage also shows people being chased in cars with weapons as they tried to run for safety.

People who, would not even pay attention to the rules of the streets, began chiming in on whether or not 6ix9ine was right for ratting the entirety of Nine Tr3y Gangsta Bloods. This put a spotlight on snitching, especially among rappers who portray themselves as gangsters.

Popp Hunna, the rapper, was exposed for cooperating with authorities when he was 14. Shortly to say, Popp Hunna’s career is in danger.

Toosii also featured on Popp Hunna’s new project. The rapper shared a snippet of the song where he seemingly addresses everything including Trippie Redd.

“Say I did a song with a snitch but I ain’t one, he bled he ain’t have Redd on/ thought a dead n***a had said sum,” – he raps.

Check the snippet out below: