Ugly God calls out fake MF Doom fans and Lil Yachty responds

Death of legendary masked rapper MF Doom was the most viral news of last week. Many have taken to social media to show their love and respects to the rapper.

An American rapper and songwriter Ugly God, whos real name is Royce Rodriguez, has opted to voice a more cynical take — one that seems to center around this new age of grieving in a social media world.

“ya’ll n***as did not listen to doom.” – Wrote he on social media.

His words did prompt a response from Lil Yachty, who speculated that many were simply paying their respects to a larger-than-life hip-hop figure.

“Ya’ll acting like ya’ll can’t tell the difference between showing respect and being fake sad, Shidd maybe ya’ll can not.” – Added Ugly God.

After all, DOOM’s fans have only begun to process his death, and having negativity seep into the conversation ultimately does more harm than good.