Watch : Cardi B makes sure her daughter doesn’t listen to “WAP”

Last year Cardi B returned with a mega hit song “WAP” featuring  Megan Thee Stallion notorious for both it’s lyrics and music video, “WAP” stirred some controversy upon it’s release. Most recently during New Year’s eve Cardi was celebrating with the song bumping in her home theatre but few seconds later to her shock, her 2 year old daughter Kulture popped up.

As soon as Cardi noticed Kulture has entered the room ,she didn’t hesitated to stop the song, whose sexually explicit lyrics were playing at that time. Watch the clip below


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Cardi B received back lash from rappers like Cee Lo Green, Snoop Dogg as Cee Lo said “We are adults. There should be a time and a place for adult content.  and Snoop advised to “slow down” when making songs about private parts. Later Cee Lo Green apologized for his comments and Cardi B’s husband Offset fired back at saying “stay outta women business“. WAP also received appreciation for it’s sexual liberation theme .

Later Cardi B revealed her label Atlantic records was worried about the release of song

“When the label heard the song they were like, “We really like it, but that song is so explicit.” They were like, “Can you please get another record and you could put Megan on it?” And I was like, “No.” revealed Cardi few days after the release of the song.