Young Thug retracts his comments against U.K. rappers : “I know real steppers there”

Young Thug had to face lot of backlash with his comments regarding claims that Jay-Z doesn’t have thirty stadium hits for which later he had to clarify it on his social media. In similar fashion another controversial statement from YSL founder that there’s no real gangstas in U.K. went for rounds on Twitter

Man, yo ass prolly gotdamn been living in penthouse suites and hotels. You ain’t did nothin’.” said Thug will comparing Florida rappers with UK rappers

Later when the comments came to bite him back Young Thug went on Instagram and clarified he was talking about middle class people and he knows real Gs from U.K.

“When I was talkin’ about the fuckin’ overseas n*ggas? N*gga, I’m talkin’ ’bout the muthafuckin’ middle class white guys and shit like that. N*gga I know real G’s out there, n*gga. I fuck with real G’s! My muthafuckin’ n*gga Gibbs, all these muthafuckin’ n*ggas, Skeptas, all them playas. I fuck with real G’s

Thug continued also talking about 21 Savage family based in U.K. “These n*ggas handlin’ they business smokin’ shit. I got plenty gangsta stories about these n*ggas. I’m most definitely not talkin’ it’s not no real gangstas out there. N*ggas real deal out this muthafucka. My muthafuckin’ twin 21 got family out there steppin’! King steppin’! I know real steppers out there. There’s no way possible I’m saying there’s no G’s out there, them n*ggas handlin’ they business. I’m talkin’ middle class.”

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