Cardi B reacts to her hilarious name drop in WWE RAW : “Count your days Vince McMahon”

Cardi B is trending once again on twitter but not cause of her new song not cause of her antics , this time she gets named dropped in Monday Night’s WWE RAW.

During tonight’s episode Angel Garza attempted to give a rose to Torrie Wilson. Torrie, who was in the middle of a conversation told Garza that Cardi B was waiting for him in a room. Upon reaching there however, the rapper was nowhere in sight. Instead, he found Boogeyman in there. Watch below:

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— Kayy (@KayyAiko_) January 5, 2021

After this Cardi B started to receive notifications that she have been mentioned in the episode, to which first confused  Cardi reacted on Twitter “
WWWWTTTTFFFFFFFFF. This is not how my wwe debut was supposed to be! Vince McMahon COUNT YOUR F*CKIN DAYS!!!!”

While interacting with fans she also revealed her favorite WWE stars like Booker T, Triple H ,Batista,John cena,Edge,Melina ,Trish & more.