Actress Vivica A Fox calls Young Thug “Sexy cockroach” and “he’s got rockstar qualities”

During a chat at Cocktails With Queens on Fox Soul channel actress and TV Host Vivica A. Fox was asked whether she finds  Atlanta rapper Young Thug to which she gave an interesting take

You know he’s like just like a good sexy f—- cockroach. And I don’t mean that like, You know what I mean, ‘cause it’s like the hair and everything like that. He’s got rockstar qualities. Like, he would be a great animation character.

Young Thug’s known for his fashion sense  among new generation of rappers who also pulled up in a skirt on one his 2016 album cover Jeffrey. He was also chosen as most influential rapper of the century by BBC. Meanwhile Vivica A. Fox’s words can be twisted but in the video above she made it clear she didn’t mean no harm.