Cardi B lashes out at Lacey Evans for mentioning feud with Nicki Minaj

After being name dropped during this week’s Monday night RAW ,Cardi B has been  receiving lot of shout outs from WWE realm. Now after her playful tweet of warning Vince McMahon Cardi received a comment from WWE star Lacey Evans as she wrote:

Careful what you wish for ya nasty….. we aren’t @NICKIMINAJ You’ll get sent home with more than a busted eye.

to which in a now deleted tweet Cardi B got furious and responded with saying “A White women can never put fear in me” and labels her mentioning Nicki Minaj as “Unnecessary bs”
Lacey Evans once again responded to above tweet from Cardi B after the rapper deleted it and said if she ever shows up to WWE then keep in mind what she said and she will get beaten up while her own music is playing.

For fans who don’t know what Lacey Fox is referring to regarding Nicki Minaj, back in 2018  Cardi B got in a physical altercation with Nicki Minaj during New York fashion week. Cardi B later explained it happened due to Nicki mentioning and shading her daughter Kulture.
As of now it seems Lacey Evans has ended any chances of Cardi B appearing in WWE with these back and forth comments.