WATCH: Tyga’s new music video – “Nigo In Beverly Hills”

This Christmas, Tyga dropped his latest mixtape “Well Done Fever”. This week, he drops off a new video from the project for “Nigo In Beverly Hills.”

“Back when I was in the Bay, working on my mixtape, got a verse from Lil B, back when AE was in the A’s, it was 2007 VMAs, first day that I met Lil Wayne, signed to Young Money straight out the gate/

“Bedrock,” now they all in my face, ”Rack City” had ‘em switch up the base, blowing money fast, I got the cake…/” – Tyga rapping about earlier days and his current rockstar lifestyle now.

Video is directed by Picture Perfect. The clip shows all of the usual mainstays of wealth.

Watch the video here: