Bow Wow reveals his final album “Before Thirty” will include Snoop Dogg,Chris Brown

Shad Moss most popularly  known as Bow Wow sat down with Hot 97 for a latest interview where the early 2000s hitmaker talked about what would be his last album “Before Thirty”. He reveals that his mentor Snoop Dogg will be narrating the whole project.

I’ma do one more album. It’s gonna be the last one and it’s gonna be called Before 30, and I’ma have Snoop narrate the whole thing, So it’s gonna be kind of a different project, 10 songs.Bow Wow explains the title of his album ”Everything I’ve accomplished, I’ve seen it before 30” . Moss also hinted in this project we all can hear him and  Chris Brown once again “I’ma tap back in with [Chris] Brown. I’ma give it to ’em one time.”

Bow Wow released his latest  single “Porsches and Raris” back in November for his next record he plans to go on different as the father of two says his next song will be dedicated to his four month old son ;“A real rap record, not no Auto-Tune, just me”.

“Growing Up Hip-Hop” star Bow Wow has toyed with the idea of retiring back  in 2016 when he tweeted “I just can’t cant see myself at 30 years old rapping”. Now turned 33 years old  Bow Wow is ready to deliver one last  album soon.

Watch full interview below