DJ Akademiks compares Nicki Minaj and Megan Thee Stallion : “Meg isn’t 100th of the talent that Nicki Minaj is”

Hip-Hop media personality DJ Akademiks isn’t the one to shy from speaking his mind. Last week AK spilled some thoughts regarding female rappers impact in 2020 as he was discussing about Megan Thee Stallion, Akademiks explained how he feels the bar was set low by Megan..

Let’s be very clear. Meg the Stallion can’t rap with the Top 20 n*ggas. Facts! Imma tell y’all the truth. So, of course, she’s like, oh, everybody loves her and sh*t like that but come on man, there’s a lot that goes into sh*t like that. She got a Fashion Nova deal, she’s a victim, she’s in GQ, she’s talking about Tory Lanez shot her, you know what I mean? It’s women empowerment. This is like, protect Black women.”

Akademiks remarked while Megan has got some impressive work in her catalogue but most of her music is mid.

I’ve heard Meg The Stallion verses that impress me and I’ve heard some of those freestyles, I love some of her freestyles,But the majority of the sh*t I be listening to I’m like, ‘This sh*t is really like, mid-level music that people are praising like Meg is like, mad dope.’That’s just facts… Meg has one flow and lazy bars.”

Akademiks who once had beef with Nicki Minaj also added “Meg isn’t 100th of the talent that Nicki Minaj is.Nicki came in the game on some other sh*t” and “Nicki stands toe-to-toe with any n*gga.”

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