Lil Nas X discusses his plans to collaborate with Miley Cyrus

On January 8, American rapper Lil Nas X talked about his plans to collaborate on a song with pop star Miley Cyrus which got postponed due to coronavirus pandemic.

The hip hop star and Cyrus are soon going to unite for a song that went adjourned due to COVID-19.
Few days ago, on Wednesday Nas X said, “We did not get to meet up or anything. But, you know, maybe it will happen now.”

Nas X had earlier collaborated with the father of the 28-year old star Billy Ray. The collaborative project became his breakout No. 1 single, making it hold the all-time record for most consecutive weeks on Billboard’s Hot 100 chart. He still kept in touch with his Old Town Road partner.

“I had plans to work on this one song with Miley earlier last year and then the pandemic happened,” Nas X said.

“The last thing I texted Billy Ray Cyrus was like, how was he doing? (It was) maybe a month or so ago,” he added.