What’s MF DOOM’s real birth date?

American-British rap legend MF DOOM’s 50th birthday wishes came pouring in yesterday ,9th January from hip-hop community around the world ( including us). But like some anti-climax it seems we all were celebrating his birthday on a wrong day as a music blog name okayplayer did some research based on a reddit theory post.

They also reached out to Dumile’s friend and producer Madlib’s manager Egon who revealed

No, I don’t think today is his birthday. He always wished me happy birthday on July 12th and I always wished him happy birthday on July 13th. Unless he was just not correcting me or lying to me, that’s when I know his birthday to be. He also seemed more like a Cancer than a Capricorn,

There are some documents available online which support Egon’s claims as the records from his arrest back in 1998 cites his actual birthdate to be July 13,1971.

MF DOOM passed away on October 30 as revealed by his family member on December 31st. It sort of fits MF DOOM’sΒ  legacy that rapper who lived in his own terms and was known for his recluse life has now got fans scratching their heads regarding his actual birthday too.