Nelly’s hot new partnership with Lay’s

American rapper Nelly partnered with chip brand Lay’s to produce a commercial of a new Flamin’ Hot flavor. Lay’s said, they needed “an artist who knows how to bring the heat”.

Spicy and hot food is one of the fastest-growing segments in the food industry. Lay’s noted the reformulated version—which includes “an increased, optimized heat”.

That was Nelly’s first time working with the brand. “The collaboration was kind of destined to happen.” – said the Missouri rapper.

“I think they wanted to do something really, really dope with this campaign—and what can be doper than Flamin’ Hot with ‘Hot in Herre’?” he added.

“It is just one of those songs that definitely has a great groove … even if you are not listening to the lyrics, you still feel it, you still get the purpose of the record,” Nelly said.

The new Lay’s Flamin’ Hot hit store shelves on Monday.