Meek Mill reacts to reports about a black woman being assaulted by pro-Trump people

The Philadelphia rapper reacted to a Black woman reportedly being attacked by pro-Donald Trump supporters.

Meek took his thoughts to Instagram. The rap veteran demanded justice and shared the story.

“They gotta be contested! Wtf!!!!” – Wrote the legendary rapper.


According to The Washington Post reports, the attack on Black woman Berlinda Nibo took place this past Wednesday in California.

“As Berlinda Nibo was walking home Wednesday, she was met by a crowd of Trump supporters who had gathered in downtown Los Angeles, a smaller version of the D.C. demonstration that turned into a riot at the Capitol. Nibo, who is Black, said the group began to harass her as she passed by. “They’re yelling at me because of my color, calling me the n-word, calling me the b-word, saying, ‘All lives matter. Black lives doesn’t matter,’” Nibo, 25, told KCAL. When she yelled back, Nibo said the crowd of dozens went after her.”