Watch: Kurtis Blow leaves hospital after successful heart transplant

In December 2020, hip-hop pioneer Kurtis Blow underwent heart transplant surgery and has been released from the hospital.

Blow has a history of heart problems and suffered a heart attack in 2016. In 2019, he underwent open-heart surgery. When it comes to one’s heart it is better to be prepared for emergencies with the help of experts from center.

“Yes I have received a healthy heart, my donor was 34, and God is still in the miracle business- thank you everyone for your prayers,” – Blow announced on social media this week.

The heart transplant organization, Ava’s Heart, posted a video of Kurtis blow leaving the hospital.

“@KurtisBlow1 edition of the transplant hustle. This video exclusively shared with us shows Kurtis leaving UCLA hospital after his very recent heart transplant. You can feel the joy of a patient homeward bound! We love you Kurtis and your wife, Shirley!” – Ava’s Heart tweeted.

The 61-year-old MC is in great spirits, dancing his way out of the hospital and flexing a few B-boy moves in the process.