Daylyt invites Eminem to rap battle with Dizaster

Daylyt took to Twitter to invite Eminem to make a comeback to Rap Battle scene. Daylyt says it’s the perfect time to battle in Detroit as there will be no crowd to boo, it will be just lyricism.

He wants Eminem to rap battle with Dizaster who made a cameo in Eminem produced hip-hop movie “Bodied”.

“Yo @Eminem is there was a ever a time for u to come back and battle now would be the time !zero crowd to boo! And this COVID era of battle rap lives lyricism ! Your style fits absolutely perfect for the now ! As a super fan I wold love to see u do one more for Hiphop !“ wrote Daylyt.

He continued in an another tweet, “I want to see Eminem vs disaster in a small room with zero crowd ! Pure lyricism ! This would be epic”.