Kodak Black speaks out about his worsen mental health in prison

Yesterday, in January 11, Kodak Black went to his social media page to speak out about his difficulties in prison.

“Lonely. Sad. Depressed. Pray For Sanity,”/”Lord Restore My Heart. Take What’s Broken And Make Whole Again.” – he tweeted.

In 2019, Black was arrested for weapons possession and was sentenced to almost four years in prison. Federal prosecutors stated that he is a danger to society due to his long history of criminal acts as well as his repeated violation of past probation rules.

The Florida rapper also made time to send a shout out to Lil Yachty

“I Love @lilyachty, You Got All My Respect, You A Real One Fasho.” – Black wrote.

I remind you that Back in November, Kodak released his LP Bill Israel featuring Lil Yachty, Gucci Mane, and more.